Module 1 and 2…reflection

Reflecting on the first 5 weeks, I believe the main thing I have gained from this course is confidence in using technology and lessening my fear of discovering new ICT’s. Although I have gained this confidence I still aim to gain more experience in incorporating ICT’s in the classroom. From week 1 to 5 we had a lot to learn and along with that completing module 1 and starting module 2.

In module 1 the main focus was on what ICT’s are, the link between ICT’s and pedagogy and why ICT’s should be used in learning and teaching. Within this module I also started to look and build my Personal Learning Network (PLN) which can be better explained here.

I am still completing module 2 and I have found this module more relevant and helpful for Assignment 2 then module 1 was to support assignment 1. So far module 2 has given tips for how I can prepare for prac and my future teaching endeavours including effective planning and designing and sequencing learning experiences.

Partaking in Assignment 2, it has made me so keen to start our prac this semester! I’m excited to learn how my prac school and mentor teacher incorporates ICT’s into the class and how she believes ICT’s benefit the students!  


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